The diverse community gathers in worship and prayer

Whether you are a minister, social worker, catechist or educator in need of professional development or simply looking to quench your own spiritual curiosity, the LMU Center for Religion and Spirituality has something for you. Haga clic aquí para los programas en español.

Workshops and Events

Weekend workshops, evening lectures, and other special events at the Center are designed for and open to the general public. Please find a listing of upcoming events on our online calendar.

Certificate and Professional Programs

Each certificate and professional program is uniquely tailored to enable participants to update their skills and knowledge, advance their careers, or assist with a desired change in profession or ministry. For some programs, tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.

Degree Pathway

The Center offers a mentoring program for those with extensive pastoral experience, but have not achieved a college degree. Our Mantener el Camino program is designed for those who want to pursue an associate degree, thus beginning their journey to higher education. The goal of the program is to accompany students to help them meet the challenges of college education, preparing them better for their future, and improving the quality of ministers available to serve the Church. Learn more »

Educational Journeys

The Center hosts a number of pilgrimages and study trips that immerse participants in the rich spiritual, cultural, and learning experiences of the world beyond our boarders. Travel with us! Learn more »