African American Catholic Experience

Michael Howard
Fellow Michael Howard

The Presence of Black Catholics in the Church Today and Tomorrow

An online continuing education program focuses on the concerns of Black Catholics starting in fall 2022.

Course Title
Sharing Our Distinctive Gift of Blackness with the Catholic Church

Course Purpose
This course was designed mainly to encourage and provide a learning experience for Black Catholics and other people of color. This course is also helpful to those who wish to become allies to assist the previously mentioned groups. These allies will assist in the ongoing efforts to evangelize the universal church and remove the stain of racism in the Catholic Church.

Course Overview
This course intends to ignite a new spirit in Black Catholics. Eminence Wilton Cardinal Gregory recently said, "Since we alone are both Black and Catholic. We realize, of course, that we belong to a universal Church and must live within that Church, but we also realize that the gift of Blackness is uniquely ours to offer to the Church." (American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives) Through discernment, the Holy Spirit empowers Black Catholics in the universal Church to combat racism in the world, the Church, and other issues with their unique gifts of Blackness.

Meet Michael Howard
Mr. Howard received his M.A. in Church Ministry/Spirituality at St. Mary’s University Seminary, Ecumenical School of Theology, and holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Washington Bible College. Presently, Mr. Howard facilitates and teaches Online courses for the University of Dayton and McGrath Institute STEP Online program for Notre Dame. He loves the spiritual readings of Henri J. M. Nouwen and the mystic Howard Thurman. He is also the founder of Eat the Scroll Ministry, where he began his search and hunger to read and study God’s Word for faith formation with adults. "Eat the Scroll….It is sweet as honey.