Technology can be frustrating, especially in online learning. In a sea of computer applications (apps) and learning platforms, as well as hardware options (e.g. computers, tablets, video cameras, microphones), any number of issues can arise. The trick is to be prepared – take some time to review your technology needs before your course begins, and know when and how to contact Tech Support when problems arise.

LMU provides around the clock Tech Support, and our help desk colleagues will do their best to support you when you hit a wall with your technology. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Properly Prepare

Before you begin your course or program at the Center, it is recommended that you take some time to survey the tools you are using. Online learning requires all of us to be proactive in tending to our technology needs. The better prepared we are, the more familiar we are with tools we are using, the easier it will be to resolve issues when they arise.

Here are some things to consider:

  • First and foremost, is your contact information (most notably your email address) listed correctly? You can confirm this through your registration confirmation (if you registered online) or your student record in MyLMU.
  • Have you set up or reactivated your MyLMU account? Are you able to login and access the tools you need without difficulty?
  • Is the operating system (OS) for your computer or device up to date? Most problems arise when users are running apps, such as Zoom, on an older OS that may lack required security features. Please refer to the manufacturer specifications of your computer or device on this matter.
  • Have you installed the latest version of the online learning app (e.g. Zoom) and Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on your computer or device? Again, software companies issue regular updates to computer applications to keep up with security and user needs as they evolve.
  • If you have plugged in and are using an external video camera or microphone (meaning you are not using those that are built in), have you confirmed the compatibility of those plug-ins with your computer? Have you installed the appropriate software or “drivers”, if prompted, that allow those plug-ins to work on your computer?
  • Is your computer or device fully charged? Can you connect it to a power source when and if needed?
  • Do you have an adequate Internet connection, either through an ethernet cable or Wifi. Is the Wifi signal strong and secure? If you are using a shared WiFi (meaning more than one person or device is logged on), is the connection strong enough for your needs?
  • Have you tested your app ahead of time, perhaps with a friend, a fellow student, or a Tech Support team member?

There may be other factors to consider as you prepare for your online class or workshop, and we invite you to be in contact with Tech Support ahead of time with any questions you may have.

When your course begins, be sure to discuss “connectivity procedures” with your instructor. It’s important for all courses to outline and review procedures in the event you should suddenly become disconnected.

Contacting Tech Support

Technical support is provided by the LMU Information Technology Services (ITS) service desk (or help desk, as it is also called).

24/7 Online Portal. Submit tickets, live chat, check the status of tickets or requests, and search for Knowledge Base articles. Click here.

Business Hours (M-F, 8a-6p). During campus closures due to the pandemic, the call center for ITS is not available, so please contact the help desk by email at The help desk is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is responsive to emails during those hours. You should receive a reply in a short amount of time.

After Hours. Outside of business hours (above), tech support transfers to ITS’ after-hours call center, BlackbeltHelp. Please call (310) 338-7777 and, when prompted, dial option “2” to be forwarded to the call center. Please note that due to the current pandemic, they are receiving an increased number of support calls, so you may have to wait.