LMU Latinx Theology and Ministry Initiative

Dr. Austen Ivereigh
12th Annual Hispanic Ministry and Theology Lecture
The Synodal Path: Transforming Catholicism and Reconciling the World
Tuesday, January 30, 2024 @ 7 p.m. Pacific

The LMU Latinx Theology and Ministry Initiative emerged from a need to assess and then respond to the large population of Hispanic Catholics in the United States, and is a joint project of Loyola Marymount University's Department of Theological Studies and Center for Religion and Spirituality.

As a Catholic university in the largest Catholic archdiocese in the country, LMU is uniquely situated to gather data and marshal resources that will aid in preparing Latinx Catholics for leadership and service in the Church. As the Hispanic Catholic population continues to grow, LMU seeks to grow in the capacity to truly serve this important community in the Body of Christ.

LMU was the host institution for the 2014 Symposium on Catholic Hispanic Ministry in the United States, the follow-up to the Symposium held at Boston College in 2009. You can contact the Initative at lltm@lmu.edu or by calling 310-258-8604.