For select programs, the Center will match financial assistance given to an individual student by a parish or institution (or combined assistance from more than one parish, group, or institution). No Tuition Assistance Application is necessary, however students must request and submit a completed LMU Match form indicating the sponsoring parish(s) or institution(s). Download forms below.

Students must remain in good academic standing in order to receive the LMU Match (additional requirements by program, if any, will be outlined on the LMU Match forms). Please note that the LMU Match is a match-only of institutional support for a student, and does not prevent the student from also applying for general Tuition Assistance.


  • When a student in this program is sponsored by a parish or a Church group or institution (or receives a combined sponsorship from more than one parish, group or institution), LMU will match that sponsorship up to $100 for BSLX 905.

    Possible financial assistance outcomes for the 2021 calendar year:

    Support from a parish, Church group or institutionSupport from a second parish, Church group or institutionLMU MatchAmount to be paid by the studentTotal cost of tuition
    $80   $80 $240 $400
    $100   $100 $200 $400
    $200   $100 $100 $400
    $50 $50 $100 $200 $400

    Download and submit: 2020-2021 LMU Match Form - Catholic Bible Institute

    Students are also welcome to apply for Tuition Assistance, which can cover up to $100 toward the cost of tuition. An application must be filled out. Please apply by March 15.

  • Cuando un estudiante recibe apoyo para sus estudios de parte de una parroquia o grupo eclesial o una institución (o bien recibe el apoyo de más de una parroquia o grupo o institución), LMU iguala ese apoyo hasta un monto máximo de $100 para el curso BSLX 905.

    Posibles escenarios de apoyo financiero:

    Apoyo de parte de una parroquia, grupo eclesial o instituciónApoyo de parte de otra parroquia, grupo eclesial o instituciónLMU MatchMonto que paga el estudianteCosto total de la colegiatura
    $85   $85 $230 $400
    $100   $100 $200 $400
    $200   $100 $100 $400
    $50 $50 $100 $200 $400

    Descargar: 2020-2021 LMU Match Form - Instituto Bíblico Católico

    Los estudiantes también pueden solicitar una beca parcial, que puede cubrir hasta $100 de su colegiatura. La solicitud debe entregarse para el 15 de marzo y es basada en ingresos.