Academic Advising - Student Support Specialist

The Degree Completion Program in Theological Studies provides academic guidance and support services for undergraduate students. Students receive academic advising, advice on navigating registration and other student processes, as well as opportunities to improve study skills.  In general, the program's Student Support Specialist facilitates the interaction of students with offices at LMU such as Financial Aid, the Registrar, the Library, Career and Professional Development, Disability Support Services (for requesting accommodations for documented disabilities), and others.  The Student Support Specialist is based at Aquinas High School and is available to meet with students one-on-one or in groups.

Working adults must manage many commitments as they complete their college degree; in addition to facilitating access to LMU departments and offices, the Student Support Specialist anchors a support system that is in place to help every student focus on finding solutions to everyday problems--from finances to time-management to handling the expectations of family and employers while pursuing one's college degree.