Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job opportunities for graduates of the Yoga Therapy program?

There are no training programs that can guarantee employment. However, a certificate of completion from Loyola Marymount University puts our graduates ahead of the competition. With thousands of health care professionals in Los Angeles alone, students trained in our program to work side by side with healthcare professionals have an advantage.

Am I eligible for any professional certifications or credentialing through this program?

First, to clarify, the University does not "certify" yoga teachers or yoga therapists. It merely offers the learning platform for those working towards certification. Certification, licensure, and credentialing is authorized by the state, a professional association or accrediting body.

By completing the recommended courses, graduates are eligible for the Yoga Alliance RYT credential (click here for requirements) and the International Association of Yoga Therapists C-IAYT credential (click here for requirements).

I don't intend to pursue the C-IATY. Do I have to take all the required courses in the program?

No. If you are pursuing the C-IAYT, then you can complete any or all of the certificate programs and courses that best support your professional or personal goals.

How does completing the 300-hour teacher training allow me to apply for the 500-hour RYT credential with Yoga Alliance?

This program only admits students who have completed a prior 200-hour teacher training program or equivalent coursework. Thus, by completing the 300-hour teacher training in this program, you will be eligible for the 500-hour RYT credential (200+300=500). However, this is only valid if the prior 200-hour training is certified by Yoga Alliance.

I am completing or have completed a graduate degree (M.A. or higher) in Yoga Studies. Can I transfer credit to this program?

Yes, if you are a graduate student enrolled in the M.A. in Yoga Studies program at Loyola Marymount University. We do not presently accept transfer credit from other institutions. The LMU Graduate Student transfer policy is posted online. Click here.

How much homework should I expect?

Homework assignments are outlined in the syllabi and will be assigned throughout the course. We suggest budgeting five hours a week for homework and reading.

Will I need Internet access for this program?

Yes. Course materials, assignments, and readings will be posted on the University's online learning portal, MyLMU, during the course. You will need to access those materials using an Internet connection.

Is there Wifi on campus?

Yes. The University has campus wide WiFi. Learn more here.

Do you offer online courses in Yoga Therapy?

Presently, yes, due to the pandemic. However, per IAYT guidelines, we intend to return to residency (in-person) in fall 2023.

Do you provide Student Visas for international students?

The Yoga Therapy program is a non-degree, continuing education program and do not qualify international students for a Student Visa.

What kind of financial assistance is available?

Presently, a limited amount of tuition assistance is available via the Payne-Chapple Scholarship fund for students enrolled in Yoga Therapy Rx II and III only. No other assistance is available, however students may set up an interest-free payment plan.