Graduate Degree Program

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Yoga Studies provides deep study of the Yoga tradition from multiple perspectives. This graduate degree program is designed to help students explore Yoga's rich history, its relationship to religion and spirituality, and immerse themselves in Yogic philosophy. Students study primary classical texts, learn the Sanskrit language, explore the health benefits of physical practice, and look at the placement of modern Yoga in today's world.

The program produces knowledgeable leaders in the field of Yoga. Post-graduation, our students have gone on to further study in related doctoral programs, have begun teaching Yoga in undergraduate institutions, opened centers and studios, found leadership work in Yoga media companies, and work to train other teachers in Yoga.


The graduate degree program is housed in the LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, and administered by the university's Graduate Division. This program is not part of the Center, Extension, or any other continuing education unit. Admission, enrollment, financing and governance in the graduate degree program is independent of extension yoga studies courses and certificate programs.  Graduate students are welcome to enroll in extension programs in the Center during their residency, and may do so by enrolling independently of the graduate program (graduate tuition and financial aid does not cover extension programs).

More Info

For information, visit the Graduate Yoga Studies Web site or contact Susan Chapman, interim recruitment specialist, at 310.258.8725 or